What a way to start 2003!!  We had a Ball at the Golden Ball.
New Year’s Eve 2002
Stepping Out
Mat is the proud owner of "Ironbridge's Finest"
SAGA ladies
Are we having fun?
Yes, we are!
Sue always wears a smile
Dean Majors is Mr. Personality
Mat and Liz
The McDonald
Graham and Family
Allen and the Boss
Penny and the Black Watch
I need help!
Cinderella's Slippers
Ain't we cute?
John and Liz
Howard and Marion.jpg
Hi! or High!
Penny, what are you doing?
Stop Squeezing!
Howard, you rascal, you!
Stars in my eyes...
Midnight approaches!
the Supremes!
Howard has his arms full...
It's midnight!
Auld Lang Syne
our very own New Year's honors- an OBE
Howard, again!
and again!
Yep, we had fun!
night, all..